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ICAL Student Center

Welcome to the ICAL Student Center (ISC)

This is a password protected area of the ICAL website accessible only to students and graduates of ICAL courses.

Here you can find everything you need to take an ICAL course:

  • module downloads
  • checkpoints and questionnaires
  • help & support
  • community profiles
  • forums, live chat, "friends" and "groups"
  • ...and more!

Take a TEFL Certificate Course

If you are not already an ICAL TEFL trainee, you can find out about our TEFL courses here: ICAL TEFL Courses & Resources.

Log In

If you are an ICAL Student or an ICAL Graduate you can log in the ISC using the form below.

Your username here is your ICAL ID Number plus your first name, e.g. ON12345 Joe